Dr. Schmidt

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Dr. Kara Schmidt has experience assessing children and adolescents with a wide range of developmental disorders and neurological conditions; this includes children with ADHD, developmental language disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism and pervasive developmental disorders, brain injuries, epilepsy, genetically-based developmental disabilities, and other problems that may affect learning or behavior. 

She is available for neuropsychological assessments, school consultation regarding learning and/or behavioral concerns, and academic recommendations. A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment typically includes:

  1. A developmental, school, and medical history from the caregiver(s),
  2. Observation of the child in school,
  3. Discussions and/or reports from the child's teacher, 
  4. Approximately 6 hours of neuropsychological testing in the office,
  5. A written comprehensive report that includes recommendations to guide both caregivers and educators to support the learning and development of the child,
  6. A feedback meeting with the caregiver(s), and
  7. Teleconference to one school meeting to aid in implementing recommendations.


The practice provides services for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 21. The office is located in Media, PA. 

Please note that it is very important to disclose any potential or ongoing legal situations (e.g., work with educational attorneys, possible due process cases) with Dr. Schmidt before testing is scheduled. Also, if Dr. Schmidt is asked to make expert decisions in any educational case, she must complete a comprehensive independent evaluation with a classroom observation

Dr. Schmidt obtained her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her clinical training in child neuropsychology was completed in numerous settings, including Boston University Hospital / Child Neuropsychology Service, NYU North Shore University Hospital / Neuropsychological Services, and the Neurology Department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her previous experience includes positions as Director of Assessment at Bryn Mawr College's Child Study Institute (CSI) as well as Staff Psychologist in the Neurology Department at Riddle Hospital. 

Dr. Kara Schmidt has experience working with children, families, professionals and school districts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. She holds a current license to practice psychology in the state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Schmidt is also a Pennsylvania Certified School Psychologist and is currently licensed to practice psychology in the state of Pennsylvania.



  • Reading Disabilities and Dyslexia
  • Language-Based Learning Disabilities
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • OCD and other anxiety and mood disorders
  • Oppositional and anger difficulties
  • Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Giftedness
  • Epilepsy
  • Head Injuries
  • Genetically Based Developmental Disabilities

For more information about evaluation and/or consultation services, please contact Dr. Schmidt at (610) 544-4490 or via e-mail at