Private Evaluations and Independent School District Evaluations

Dr. Schmidt has experience conducting private paid neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations as well as school district paid independent education evaluations (IEEs). The cost of a comprehensive evaluation is $4,450 which includes an hour/class school observation. If over 60 miles or over one hour drive from our office, please contact our office for a quote. The cost is based on the calculation that it will take at least 17 hours of time to complete the observation and assessment, write the report, and consult all of the people involved. In some cases, the fee may be reduced due to the need for only a partial assessment.  

Parents are asked to submit the evaluation fee by check, $950 before the scheduled school observation, $1700 at the 1st test date and the balance due before the scheduled feedback meeting. Dr. Schmidt does not participate in any health insurance programs. However, after parents have pre-paid the evaluation fee, Dr. Schmidt will provide an itemized bill, which supplies the procedure and diagnostic codes that health insurance companies need in order to reimburse parents and families. 

With regard to school district related evaluations, a commitment letter is required from a school district prior to scheduling an IEE; the letter must state that the district agrees to pay Dr. Schmidt a total of $4,450 (additional if over 60 mile distance or 1 hour) upon completion of the IEE and submission of a comprehensive evaluation report. 

For families considering a change in school placement, please note that many schools require applications in the late winter and early spring; therefore, comprehensive evaluations should be scheduled several months prior to application deadlines. Additionally, it is important to note that the evaluation process takes time, as it includes a classroom observation, extensive record review, testing in the office, and report writing with comprehensive recommendations.