Private Evaluations and Independent School District Evaluations

As of September 2019, our base fee is $4600. A quote will be given based on the address of the child's school as provided on our Initial Inquiry form (see "forms"). The cost is based on a calculation of at least 12 hours to complete the observation and testing, review records, complete the parent intake, consult with all necessary professionals, and write up the report and recommendations.

Private Evaluations: Payment is by check only and should be mailed to our office. If a family is paying for the assessment themselves, half of the cost is due prior to the parent intake and half is due prior to scheduling the parent feedback.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs): A commitment letter from the school district is required prior to scheduling. This can be done one of two ways:

1) School districts who agree to fund an IEE can complete this form and scan it to


2) send an email stating that "X School District agrees to pay Dr. Kara Schmidt $Y for an independent educational evaluation of Student Z." The verbiage must include that the exact amount will be paid to Dr. Schmidt.

School districts who have additional terms for independent evaluations should email those to for review and signature. IEEs are always emailed to the family and to the school district designee at the same time and then followed up with a signed copy mailed to both.